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Super formulation for cleansing & eliminating impurities from skin. It helps to attain a flawless and vibrant glowing skin.

The lactic acid component of pure goat milk is known to play a key role in cleansing the skin by eliminating impurities. It is rich in natural ingredients, which work gently without causing excessive dryness.

The best part is that goat milk can penetrate the surface layer of the skin and provide sufficient nutrients. In short, regular use of Goat milk soap can feed the skin and nourish it from within.

  • Keeps the skin soft and moisturized.
  • Reduces oxidative stress and eliminates the layer of Dead Cells.
  • It helps to balance the pH level of skin.

Rosemary Extract: Increases the skin elasticity therefore decreases droopiness and aged spots. Renders soft and glowing skin

prime Goat Milk Soap for Acne. ... Goats' milk is very close to the pH levels of your skin, and the fat content in it, reduces skin inflammation. It's anti bacterial property tackles the acne problem too.

Goat's milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides. ... Goat's milk has unique nourishing properties that make It the perfect ingredient to add to anything which touches your skin, from your shaving cream to your moisturizer. It is both an anti-aging wonder and a boon for dry and sensitive skin

The good news is that many eczema sufferers have been using Goat Milk Stuff soap since 2008 and report rapid relief from their eczematic condition.. You can use the soap in the shower or soak in the tub (a milk bath) with some shreads goat milk soap.

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